Thursday, December 18, 2008

My trip to Africa

John Midgley and I spent two wonderful weeks in Kenya Africa. We went to four different sites
and in East Kenyal. We went on a photo shoot and saw lots of animals. There were some strange ones, such as a kangaroo deer that stood on his hind legs to eat. We saw scads of elephants, monkeys, bison, zebras, giraffee,etc. It was a great trip. We were up and out at six
in the morning, back for breakfast. Then out again at four. In between we had lunch. We came
home about six(as soon as the sun went down). Had a very good dinner and to bed. It was so
exciting I loved every minute of it. I will try to show you a little bit of Kenya, (with Britt's help)

David, are you sending Nicholas information? Tiler will be baptized January 17th. Kathy is ill,
and Helen doesn't know what is the matter. Yesterday I went to Don Johnson's graduation to
be in the police force, in Ogden. He is one smart kid- out of 150 cadets he won first place,(only
one) for sharp shooting, superior physical fitness and high academic award. He is one smart kid.
It was one outstanding achiever award. There were over fifty officers there, from as far away as Moab, West Jordan, Ogden, Salt Lake, Davis, Farmington,etc. I was so proud of him.

Britt and Ali are still living with me. Jeff just came over with a snow blower and cleaned my walks. I have at least 12/14 inches of snow. Did you know dad's sister is 106 years old and
broke her hip last year. She does not have a hearing aid nor glasses. She will be 107 in Feb.
Her name is Florence canonic. She now lives in Phoenix. She quit driving last year. What a gal.
Her health is super good, she forgets her walker and they have to remind her to use it. She says
she wants to strengthen her muscles, so she won't use it. Could you believe????
Love to all Merry Christmas............................Love Nana Vierig


  1. So glad you have created a blog. We are excited to be able to keep up with you and that you can do the same with us. We miss you and hope you have a Merry Christmas! Love you!

  2. Great pictures Mom! I write Nicholas every week. I guess now that you have your travel legs back, you'll be coming to New Mexico to see us. We have great wildlife here too! Do you like black bears and mountain lions? Got tracks for both in our front yard. Keep up the blog, looks great. Nice to know where you are!
    Love ya,

  3. I love you Nana! Now I know why you didn't answer my calls! Hope to see you soon!